Overshare Part 1: How do you promote yourself and get work as a freelance artist?

Q&A series about illustration, freelance life and my personal experiences. Please feel free to ask me anything! I'm a pretty open book :)

Q: What advertising do you use to spread your works to a wider audience?

A: As of now, I promote myself on Instagram (where I regularly post personal and commercial work), Behance and my website. My agency promotes me in their own way to ad agencies and potential commercial clients.

When I was starting out I was much more proactive about getting my work seen, as I had the time and the motivation to seek out as many opportunities for exposure as possible. Competitions (legitimate competitions, not ones who want artists to compete for work they should be paid for), and group exhibitions were great motivators to create interesting new work and get some eyeballs on it, plus build up my folio.

A good round-up of competitions is on the Design Kids website. For exhibition opportunities, follow some local independent galleries who may post up call-outs. Be engaged with your design/art community both on and offline.

I've had some awesome briefs come via the most obscure places- including Tumblr and Pinterest! So my other advice is to put your work up on lots of different platforms. Be genuine: Promote the kind of work you love doing and what is unique to you and hopefully the clients will form an orderly queue!

Have a question? Please feel free to email me and I'll do my best to answer it!